What our Customers say...


Grease fires are always a mess. In our case, we couldn't put it out right away. There was fire damage as well as smoke and soot throughout the house. This was no task for us as we had never dealt with that stuff before. We called SERVPRO because a friend of ours had the same thing happen to them and they were happy with SERVPRO's service. They came in and went straight to work. It took about 5 days to get fully cleaned up but it was above my standard. I didn't expect to see our home in the same degree as before but they sure did it. Thanks SERVPRO.

After discovering some white fuzzy mold in our basement we decided to call a professional. After doing some research, SERVPRO seemed to be the best choice. They came out and cut out the affected area and then replaced everything like new! We were so happy we went with this company.

After a kitchen mishap and leaving the oven unattended for a little too long, we had a smoke issue. We got the fire out soon enough for there to be no damage other than smoke. After a few hours we realized it wasn't going away without professional help. We called SERVPRO to handle it and they did a great job.  After a few days the whole first floor smelled amazing.

My son left the sink running all night and it ended up overflowing and sitting on the tile floor for awhile. The water wicked up the wall too and SERVPRO was there to help us in an unlikely situation. I wish I never needed to call them but I now know I made the right choice. I would recommend them to family and friends.

SERVPRO came out to my house when heavy winds were opening and closing my storm door. I should have just pulled it shut and locked it but I totally forgot. The door slammed so hard that the glass shattered and went everywhere! I tried to clean it myself but quickly realized that it was no easy task. In fact, I didn't think I could safely pick up all the glass so I called SERVPRO. They were super nice and left no trace of glass in my mulch and yard. I was very happy with the job the guys did.

Kyle said "I had a client with a flooded finished basement. The loss accrued on a Sunday, SERVPRO® crew arrived within the hour. Communication between me my client and SERVPRO® was crystal clear. My client was very satisfied with your services, Thank You again SERVPRO®."

Flames were coming off my stove and left soot and black marks all over my wall. SERVPRO came and cleaned my whole house because the smell lingered throughout other rooms! Thanks to SERVPRO for helping my family out.

Truly astonished with SERVPRO and who they make themself out to be. They hit every mark of who they say they are, Quick, clean, and professional. I couldn't of called a better company for the job.

Why is SERVPRO the best you may ask? Want your work done quick and correct, then this should be the only restoration company to come to mind. You'll never be disappointed with the work and the recovery of your own home/business and will surely make SERVPRO part of your best service list.

SERVPRO came out as soon as the call was made. My gutters overthrown from the side of the house and water started to get underneath the shingles. We need quick reaction and that's exactly what SERVPRO did, they where very professional workers. Would recommend to anyone who has any home damage or damage to their property in general. 

SERVPRO really stood up to their word when they came out quick and ready to work. Our home was flooded from the storm and needed a recovery quick. I was very happy with the work put in and will surly recommend SERVPRO to all my friends and family. 

I'm very appreciative of the work SERVPRO has put in. My home I thought was for sure a goner until they came along. Myself, who had accidentally left tools plugged into the garage all went up into flames. I thought i'd be out of our home for months but SERVPRO came quick and steady minded. My family couldn't be more grateful for all the help we've received. 

SERVPRO came into my apartment after a fire occurred on the floor below. Before they had came into my home it was ruined and a mess. They came into the apartment with confidence and quickly restored my home. I'm very thankful for the quickness of their work. They are truly a local hero.

SERVPRO came out to clean up our property after rain water got into the basement of our store. We knew this company was local so we called them and hired them. We were very happy with the finished job and would call them again if needed again!

A fire happened in our commercial kitchen at the restaurant I manage. I didn't know who to call but a SERVPRO sales person came to see if we needed help. We didn't know where to start so we hired SERVPRO of King of Prussia to clean it up and get the smell of smoke out of the building. They were nice and did everything we asked them to. Great job!

They're quick, they're courteous. I know I can trust SERVPRO to get my home in order after a pipe break.

I've used other restoration teams before and they did not even come close to the quality of SERVPRO. This will be the service I call from now on. 

These guys are quick! they're open 24/7 and I called at 10 at night and they came out before midnight. I couldn't have asked for much more.

Why would you choose any other company? This is the most well know name in the industry so if you want it done right, call SERVPRO.

Our ducts had mold growing out of them so we knew something had to be done. SERVPRO thoroughly cleaned every inch of our duct work and now we feel comfortable being at work again.

There was a small fire at a job site last week and smoke lingered throughout the building. SERVPRO placed equipment that filtered the air and the smell was gone after a day or so. 

One day at work last week we had a sprinkler go off. Water was everywhere and we called SERVPRO. I can't believe how fast the showed up.

Snow melted on my roof and came right into my attic. Luckily I found it before more damage occurred. SERVPRO made it all better! Thanks guys.

A tree fell on my roof this past summer and water leaked through. I called SERVPRO and they boarded up the roof and dried up the water that came in.

After heavy rainfall, my basement flooded. I had a lot of contents down there and it was all soaked. I thought the situation was much worse than it was because SERVPRO made it so stress free. I hope I never need them again but if I had to choose, I would go with SERVPRO 10 times out of 10.

After I left my sun roof open over a rainy night my car started to smell. I called SERVPRO of King of Prussia because I knew they deodorized homes so why not cars too? Well they did a great job deodorizing my vehicle! They said they had done this for previous customers and it worked out.

I never expected a restoration company to come out so quickly and complete a job so nonchalantly. I don't mean they didn't work hard, I mean that they handled the job so well that you can tell this is what SERVPRO does to help people each and every day! Thank you!

During stressful times, count on these guys to be at your home quick!

We needed a trusted company to clean the carpets in our commercial building and we didn't know who to call. A sales rep dropped his card off and mentioned carpet cleaning so we called. They ended up doing a great job and we were happy to build a new relationship.

After a car crashed through our fence in the front yard we called SERVPRO to put up a temporary fence until we could get an actual fencing company out. They came and put it up quickly and that's exactly what we needed.

When moving out we found a decent amount of mold. It was too much for me to handle myself and I knew I needed a professional. SERVPRO removed it as if they do it every day (they do). I wouldn't trust anyone who didn't do this type of work regularly.

Our Christmas tree caught on fire after we didn't water it for awhile. We weren't home but the fire was contained quickly by the fire department (thanks!). There was a lot of glass and debris everywhere that needed to be removed and the smell of smoke and water was left everywhere. SERVPRO was very responsive and helpful. They were very kind knowing this happened right around the holidays. SERVPRO did a great job and I would use them again if I ever needed to ( hope not).

After my son left the bathroom sink on all night, we needed someone to come out and help ASAP. Water was running through the ceiling and we knew plenty of damage had already been done. We called this franchise and they were very friendly and got the job done efficiently. They placed drying equipment they did exactly what the crew chief told me they would do. 

The water heater broke and leaked everywhere in our basement. We called the first company that came up when we googled water damage cleanup. This company was to our house in about 1.5 hours and had a box truck full of equipment to dry up the water. They were fast and polite and I couldn't ask for much more after such a stressful time. 

My apartment unit smelled so bad of smoke after a neighbors apartment caught on fire. The AC unit was on so when the smoke went through the air vents it got in everyones units. Most peoples clothes and blankets were ruined and the smell lingered for a day or two before the maintenance company called in SERVPRO. Within 2 or 3 days the smell was gone and I couldn't be happier. Who knows what we would've done if our facility staff didn't call this company.

After a new years party went wrong and the toilet ended up overflowing, we had to call SERVPRO. We didn't know what to expect as we had never used them before. We ended up being more than happy because they cleaned up our place in just 2 days after our initial call. If I am ever in a tight squeeze like this again I will be sure to call this franchise again.

My wife spilled a bottle of red wine on the white carpet. SERVPRO came and cleaned it up and now we don't need to replace the carpet. We couldn't be happier.

Last week my roof stared to leak. I didn't realize until it was too late. I got the roof repaired but interior damage had already occurred. SERVPRO came to my house and cut out the damaged material and removed it from the site. 

After my neighbors house caught on fire, the smell of smoke lingered in my house. My insurance recommended SERVPRO of King of Prussia and they came to my house and removed the smell within days. 

SERVPRO was at my house fast. They did exactly what was needed and the staff was friendly. 

I haven't experienced a better rug cleaning than when I used SERVPRO. I have used 2 other companies and they never got my rug back to this condition.

My pizza shop had a fire in the kitchen area and left smoke damage everywhere. To continue our business we had to get it cleaned up. SERVPRO of King of Prussia was able to get us back up and running in 2 days. I can not thank them enough!

The washing machine leaked and it was a disaster. SERVPRO came in and made it better again. I would use them again!

After many rain showers in a 3-day span, our basement ended up taking on some water that had come through the walls. Right away my wife and I knew we couldn't clean it up ourselves. We called SERVPRO and they came and got all the water out in the first day. A couple of days after were needed to continue the drying process with air movers and dehumidifiers. Awesome job by SERVPRO!