Recent Before & After Photos

Luxury Apartment Pipe Break

Pipes can break in even the newest of buildings. This Apartment building was only a year old when a pipe burst on the fifth floor causing water damage on each f... READ MORE

Hoarding contents catch fire

A house whose owner was a hoard caught a flame a few months back. The contents were able to catch and spread fire quickly. Firefighters were able to put it out ... READ MORE

SERVPRO does board-up

Did you know that us here at SERVPRO can help secure your property after windows or doors are damaged or removed. We can do this by boarding up the open entry w... READ MORE

Mold forms behind drywall

In many cases, mold can grow where we can not see it. A prime example of this is behind drywall. There is usually a space between the drywall and building found... READ MORE

Rainy weather causes leak in break

When it rains for an extended period of time, water can seep through the more saturated ground and into basements. Heavy rains can also leak through roofs that ... READ MORE

Flooded basement due to toilet overflow

It is very important to not flush things like baby, wipes, paper towels, trash, etc. because it can cause clogs which result in back up. This may not happen ri... READ MORE