Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

Heavy Rains Create Damage In Commercial Building

When an old flat roof meets a large rain storm, major damage can happen. You should always make sure your roof is up to date and get it repaired after the first... READ MORE

Tree Falls Into Window, SERVPRO Boards It Up

After a storm last fall, our SERVPRO franchise got the call for a residential board-up. A tree toppled over in this family's yard and a branch broke right throu... READ MORE

Holes In Roof Can Lead To This!

It is very important to have your roof checked every so often to make sure it doesn't need repairs. If you wait too long, water could get in, and depending on t... READ MORE

Snow Melt Saturates Ground

When lots of snow melts at once, the ground becomes over saturated leading to water in the basement. Getting moisture out of your basement is necessary to ensur... READ MORE

Rain Flows Into Local Basement

This laundry room became flooded from rain waters. When removing and drying the moisture, a large amount of sediment was left behind. Just another day on the ... READ MORE

Storm Brings Flooding to Local Area

After heavy rains, water got in to this residents basement. SERVPRO uses extracting tools to get the brunt of the water out and then drying equipment to soak up... READ MORE

Rainy weather causes leak in break

When it rains for an extended period of time, water can seep through the more saturated ground and into basements. Heavy rains can also leak through roofs that ... READ MORE