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Wet Drywall Needs to be Cut Out

When Drywall Gets Wet it Can Cause Mold

It is incredibly important to get rid of wet materials after a water damage like a flood occurs.  If mold spores are apparent they will feed off the moisture from the damage. This will lead to mold growing near the affected area and can really be damaging to your home. 

Lightning Strike

Lightning Strikes Over Sydney, Australia

Storms can come out of nowhere and some are stronger than others. Many times, strong rain and living on inclines or near water sources can cause flooding. Other times leaky roofs and unsound foundations can also lead to water damage. If this ever occurs you can trust your local SERVPRO franchise to come make your property look "Like it never even happened."

Fire in Storage Unit

Storage Unit Fire

A single storage unit caught on fire and led to smoke damage in the whole commercial property. The square footage of this property is approximately 15,000 square feet, which was all effected by smoke. The smell of smoke and soot coated all surfaces within the building. This was a very long process because we had to move each individual storage unit owner's property off site to be cleaned. When we do a pack out we make sure everything is labeled correctly to guarantee an easy time finding all items. Overall, this process took just under 2 months to complete. The management of the facility was very grateful for our help in getting them back in business. 

Classroom water damage

Classroom Affected by Broken Pipe

When a pipe broke at a local preschool, SERVPRO of King of Prussia was on the scene to help clean up the mess. The drop ceiling absorbed a lot of water and ended up breaking from the weight of itself. Puddles were left around the whole building and we brought in our extraction equipment to pick up all the water at a great rate. It is very important to get the water out fast because it minimizes damage and cost. Not only did we help this preschool out once, but another pipe broke 2 weeks later and we cleaned it up again. Without our help this preschool may not be up and running today.

Kitchen Stove After Fire

This is What A Kitchen Stove Looks Like After a Kitchen Fire

When food was left unattended on a kitchen stove, the worst happened. The food caught up in flames and the rest of the kitchen and home was affected. SERVPRO of King of Prussia placed drying equipment and odor removing equipment in the home. We also thoroughly scrubbed all porous materials and removed and unclean-able contents like furniture and carpets. Overall, the customer was highly satisfied with the work we had completed. The homeowner was back in their house in just under 2 weeks!

Restaurant Fire

SERVPRO Cleaning a Restaurant After a Grease Fire

SERVPRO of King of Prussia took care of this restaurant by adding air scrubbers to filter smoke, scrubbing surfaces to get rid of residue and soot, and add dehumidifiers to ensure everything was dry from putting out the fire. 

Fall Leaves

SERVPRO Handling a Job

After a water line broke in a luxury apartment SERVPRO was there to make it Like it never even happened.