Water Damage Photo Gallery

Local Church

Water Damage Mitigation

Whether it is from a leaky roof, broken pipe, or sewage line, SERVPRO of King of Prussia is here to help. We handle these types of messes every single day so don’t hesitate to give us a call even if you just have a question about it. 

Water Damage Demo Being Done

Walls, Insulation, and Other Porous Materials

Walls, insulation and other porous materials must be removed to ensure all moisture is gone after a water damage. This allows faster drying and reduces chances of mold. It is very important to do this so call SERVPRO of King of Prussia to get the job done right. 

Generator powering storage unit facility

Water Can Take Out Power Necessary For Mitagation

After a fire started in one of the units, firefighters put it out but not after using tons of water. For safety reasons the power needs to be shut off so no one gets shocked. Once cleared, a SERVPRO generator can power the whole facility if needed. In this case we needed this power to run all the drying equipment. 

Truck Mount Extractor

Extracting Water Out Of An Apartment

After a large amount of water was displaced into a tenants apartment, SERVPRO of King of Prussia used a truck mount to extract the water. This is a bigger industrial machine that can get more water out faster. 

SERVPRO's fleet lining up in front of another water loss

Pipe break in luxury apartment means SERVPRO is on the job.

Pipes breaking can be very dangerous for you and your property. Water pipes especially can be very detrimental towards your properties structure. Be sure to call SERVPRO of King of Prussia to get your place back up and running. 

Classroom water damage

Classroom Affected by Broken Pipe

When a pipe broke at a local preschool, SERVPRO of King of Prussia was on the scene to help clean up the mess. The drop ceiling absorbed a lot of water and ended up breaking from the weight of itself. Puddles were left around the whole building and we brought in our extraction equipment to pick up all the water at a great rate. It is very important to get the water out fast because it minimizes damage and cost. Not only did we help this preschool out once, but another pipe broke 2 weeks later and we cleaned it up again. Without our help this preschool may not be up and running today.

Fall Leaves

SERVPRO Handling a Job

After a water line broke in a luxury apartment SERVPRO of King of Prussia was there to make it "Like it never even happened." Using industrial equipment, we were able to extract all the water and dry the moisture trapped in porous materials.