Commercial Photo Gallery

After a vehicle crashed through this storm front, SERVPRO came and boarded it up

Commercial Board Up

A vehicle crashed into a store front in our area recently. They called SERVPRO for the clean up but were unaware that we did board up too! SERVPRO showed up with the plywood and tools to board up the front of the establishment. We then started the clean up process the next morning once the situation settled down.

Drywall cut out of commercial

Sprinkler Break in Office Building

Pictured here is where a sprinkler system pours out onto third floor and runs down to the sub-ceding floors. Emergency action was necessary in order to get residents back in their apartments and in living condition. Our customers are very appreciative of the quickness and efficiency that SERVPRO provides in their work.  

All the equipment laid out before setting at a commercial loss

Commercial water loss

After showing up to this commercial water loss we set out all the equipment that was needed to extract and dry the moisture. The property owners were so happy with the success of the cleanup. 

Commercial Fire Loss

SERVPRO showing off at a commercial fire

After signing a fire cleanup in center city, SERVPRO took advantage of the window we boarded up by throwing a logo up for all to see. Because it is such a concentrated area we figured plenty of people would see! 

Our new warehouse

New Warehouse in King of Prussia

SERVPRO of King of Prussia recently purchased a warehouse to keep more equipment at. This means we can handle even the biggest jobs (we could before too) and traveling to jobs can be faster!

When bigger jobs come in we clear a few shelves, but always have enough equipment for the larger jobs.

Empty Shelves Means Large Loss

Another large loss means our equipment is out and about being put to good use. Right now our equipment is out at an apartment building with 7 floors effected. All the tenants are in great hands!